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About Acti-Kare of West Atlanta, GA

About Acti-Kare in West Atlanta, GA

Ayo and Jason Gathing
Franchise Owners and Area Directors

Our vision is working with individuals to provide the opportunity to live a healthier and flourishing life. We believe that everyone should have access to a lifestyle of wellness which creates a positive attitude toward self, others, and society in general. Our missions are to encourage our clients to become self-empowered in the restoration of their functioning and to support them in the ability to pursue their passions.

Jason Gathing M.Ed., Owner/Area Director, and Co-Owner Ayo Gathing M.D. both have multiple years of health care experience in the home and hospital settings. Jason has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. His career has been geared towards conducting comprehensive assessments and creating personalized in-home interventions. He has also developed and implemented clinical programs, educational curriculum, and seminars for staff and clients.

Ayo has worked as a Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist since graduating from residency at the Emory University School of Medicine in 2006. Since then she has helped hundreds of patients ranging from children, adults, and elderly populations by performing evaluations in the clinic or at home; providing education regarding diagnosis, treatment options, and prognosis; and carrying out collaborate plans of care. She has also had the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team providing psychiatric emergency services to children, adolescent, and adult populations. She has extensive experience in effective treatment planning as well as determining the appropriate level of care and placement of psychiatric patients.

The Acti-Kare mission is to become the nation’s premier provider of In-Home Care. We accomplish this by providing highly qualified, compassionate and trustworthy caregivers who have undergone thorough background and reference checks. We are committed to providing outstanding homecare services, to exceeding our customer’s expectations, and to treating every family member as if they were our own.

Acti-Kare has become an industry leader by offering high quality home care to seniors and other clients needing assistance, such as new mothers and their children, those recovering from surgery or other ailments, and even pets. Acti-Kare offers a complete suite of caregiver services, utilizing a variety of settings, including in-home, in assisted living facilities, in retirement communities, and to the general public.

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